VACEP has been the voice of emergency medicine in Virginia since 1970 and represents more than 800 emergency physicians in many different settings, in community and academic practice throughout Virginia. Emergency Medicine residents and medical students from all the training programs in Virginia are represented as well.

Emergency physicians are the only physicians standing by 24/7/365 who will see any patient, any time for any condition.

VACEP’s Chapter’s Board of Directors relies on member input to develop and guide the activities of VACEP. All members are welcomes at Board meetings to share concerns, debate, develop and implement solutions to vexing problems.

VACEP is recognized by elected officials, government agencies, health care organizations, insurers/payors and medical colleagues for our advocacy on behalf of emergency physicians and patients.

Dr Scott Hickey headshot
Dr. Scott Hickey, VACEP President 2019-2020

VACEP Past Presidents

 Since 1971, these emergency physicians have led the association to keep VACEP as the leading authority on the practice of emergency medicine in Virginia.

1971-74 - Forrest D. McCoig, MD
1974-76 - John D. McDade, MD
1976 - J. Earle Smith, MD
1976-79 - Daniel H. Kinzie, IV, MD, FACEP
1979-81 - Douglas R. Koth, MD
1981-82 - Joseph L. Dunford, MD, FACEP
1982-85 - Stanley E. Heatwole, MD, FACEP
1985-87 - Michael T. Rapp, MD, FACEP
1987-88 - Michael D. Tomlinson, MD, FACEP
1988-91 - Robert G. Powell, MD, FACEP
1991-93 - James W. Kirksey, Jr., MD, FACEP
1993-94 - David S. Groopman, MD, FACEP
1994-95 - Michael J. Bono, MD, FACEP
1995-96 - Francis L. Counselman, MD, FACEP
1996-97 - Richard A. Craven, MD, FACEP
1997-98 - Gilbert F. Schmidt, Jr, MD, JD, FACEP
1998-99 - Kimberly D. Keith, MD, FACEP
1999-2000 - Peter J. Weinerskirch, MD, FACEP
2000-01 - Andrew B. Cole, MD, FACEP
2001-02 - Mark D. Tripp, MD, FACEP
2002-04 - Pamela A. Ross, MD, FACEP
2004-06 - James R. Dudley, MD, MBA
2006-07 - Sabina A. Braithwaite, MD, FACEP
2007-08 - Luis Felipe Eljaiek, Jr, MD, FACEP
2008-09 - Carl F. Wentzel, III, MD, FACEP
2009-10 - Peter J. Paganussi, MD, FACEP
2010-12 - Tamera Barnes, MD, FACEP
2012-13 - Jason Garrison, MD, FACEP
2013-15 - Jeremiah O'Shea, MD, FACEP
2015-17 - Mark Sochor, MD, FACEP
2017-18 - Bruce Lo, MD, MBA, FACEP