Board of Directors

Dr. Holstege with resident

Dr. Holstege with resident

Board Of Directors, Councillors, Residency

Officers: 2019-2020 Term
Elected Officers are members of the Board of Directors, and serve as the Executive Committee.


Scott Hickey, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: Chippenham & Johnston-Willis Medical Center, Richmond

Cameron Olderog, MD, FACEP

President Elect
Hospital Affiliation: Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

Todd Parker, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation:

Bruce Lo, MD, MBA, FACEP

Immediate Past President
Hospital Affiliation: Sentara Norfolk

Board Members/Councillors

Jon D'Souza, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: EMA

Scott Just, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: Augusta Medical Center

Jared Goldberg

Hospital Affiliation: Inova Alexandria Hospital

Chris Turnbull, MD

Hospital Affiliation: Winchester Medical Center

David Kruse, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: Inova Alexandria Hospital

Sara Sutherland

Alternate Councilor
Hospital Affiliation: UVA

Kirk Cumpston, DO, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: Virginia Commonwealth University

Randy Geldreich, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital

Dr. Sarah Klemencic, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: Carilion Clinic

James Humble

Hospital Affiliation: VCU Resident Representative

Christopher Hogan, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: VCU Medical Health Center

Joseph Lang, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: Sentara Leigh Hospital

Joran Sequeira

Hospital Affiliation: Memorial Regional Hospital

Trisha Anest

Hospital Affiliation: Mary Immaculate Hospital (Bon Secours) Newport News

Jesse Spangler MD

Hospital Affiliation: HCA Forrest

Josh Easter, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation: UVA

Shannon Walsh, MD, FACEP

Hospital Affiliation:

Rob Solberg

Hospital Affiliation: UVA Resident Representative

Phillip Jordan

Hospital Affiliation: EVMS Resident Representative

Chad Burton

Hospital Affiliation: Carilion Resident Representative

Joseph Mason

Hospital Affiliation: HCA Chippenham/JW

For copies of Board Member CV’s, please contact Bob Ramsey, Executive Director.

As contained in the VACEP Bylaws: The Board of Directors shall be composed of Fifteen (15) elected members of the College and the President and Immediate Past President, except that the Board may consist of only 15 members when the President or Immediate Past President serve as such within their terms as elected Board members. Each director shall hold office for three years after his election or until his successor shall have been elected and qualified. The terms of office of the directors shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected. No director shall serve more than three consecutive three-year terms.


Note: VACEP’s “Anyone. Anything. Anytime.” tagline as seen on our homepage is used with permission from Dr. Brian J. Zink, author of Anyone, Anything, Anytime: A History of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Zink, a researcher and professor of emergency medicine at Brown University, was kind enough to allow our organization to use the phrase to promote the importance of emergency medicine to our members and constituents.