Strategic Plan 2015-2018


  • To actively engage Virginia’s emergency physicians and encourage their participation on behalf of their profession
  • To advocate for the professional interests of our members through active participation with the legislative and regulatory processes
  • To promote public recognition of emergency medicine’s valuable contributions to the health of the community
  • To support educational programs for emergency medicine clinicians
  • To foster continuous improvement of the quality of emergency care delivered in Virginia
  • To connect Virginia’s emergency physicians and enable the exchange of ideas within our professional community


The Virginia College of Emergency Physicians exists to promote quality emergency care for all patients and to represent the professional interests of our members

Our Strategic Initiatives

  • Position VACEP as an authoritative voice on emergency care and issues that impact health in the Commonwealth
  • Engage and inspire members to become more involved in VACEP
  • Connect VACEP’s activities with Virginia’s emergency physicians
  • Operate a sustainable chapter office