White Coats on Call 2017


White Coats on Call 2017:
When: January 24th, 2017, 7:30am-1pm


Dust off your white coat – The Medical Society of Virginia’s annual lobbying day at the General Assembly building invites emergency physicians to join other medical specialties. VACEP members will be highlighting and advocating for advancing emergency medical care in Virginia.
First-timers will be trained and paired with seasoned physicians before they walk the halls of the General Assembly building. A hundred white coats will educate Virginia Delegates and Senators and/or their key staff on how proposed legislation will impact their local emergency departments. Attendees will build lasting relationships with fellow MDs and their elected officials.

No Registration Fee: The Medical Society of Virginia provides the breakfast and lunch

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Tentative Agenda:
7:30AM – 8AM Working Breakfast
8AM – 8:45AM Issues & Expectations Briefing
9AM – 11:30AM Legislative Visits at the General Assembly Building
11:45AM – 1PM Lunch and debrief back at the Hilton Richmond Hotel

What you can expect?

  • Physicians will work in teams in the General Assembly building with a seasoned physician assigned to each team.
  • Wear your white coats. You will stand out as physicians and it’s an important visual.
    Appointments are difficult to make with the speed of legislators processing 3,000+ bills in a 60-90-day period.
  • You may not visit with your Senator or Delegate because of the tremendous number of meetings they attend during the General Assembly session.
  • Treat visits with the Delegate/Senator’s legislative aide as important as meeting with the member. The LA coordinates much of how the information flows during the General Assembly.
  • Visits are quick so you’ll be in and out quickly (3-5 minutes is normal) so have a predetermined spokesperson to start the conversation.
  • If you are a constituent let that fact be known. Your hospital may be in the member’s district.
  • Tell a story about how your ED works and what impact, good or bad, the legislation would have on your practice of daily emergency medicine.
  • You will be provided with material to leave with each visit.
  • Be careful not to discuss or make observations after your visit because you never know who might be listening.
  • Invite your legislator to visit your emergency department when the session is over.
  • Send a thank you note to begin/continue building your personal relationship

John Turski

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“It is absolutely amazing how impactful these short visits with our elected officials can have on the practice of medicine. I personally experienced how planting a small seed with an elected official’s staff sprouted into a major life-saving drug policy change. I feel it is the relationships that one physician or person can make with legislators and staffers that can cause them to listen to our issues and make a difference.”
– Dr. John Turski, DO Wytheville, VA


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