Welcome to engagED

Welcome to our new Virginia ACEP engagED Community!

This new online collaborative tool, designed exclusively for ACEP members, combines the instant, active response features of the old email list server with the addition of discussion forums and more interactivity. 

With engagED, you can:

  • Start new discussions within our community, all of which will be archived and searchable for future reference.
  • Upload documents for sharing without clogging your email.
  • Create and review upcoming Chapter and national events.
  • Ask your peers questions, share ideas and exchange knowledge to advance emergency care.
  • Receive notifications of new messages in real time, daily or in a weekly digest, or turn them off entirely. You decide!

We also have some enhanced features such as the ability to share large files without cluttering your inbox and instant access to your ACEP contacts. 

Here’s how to get started:

1. Explore the online community:

a. Login at engaged.acep.org using your ACEP username and password. The email address where you receive ACEP emails serves as the primary email address associated with your ACEP account (not necessarily the email address associated with our former e-list). Need help logging in? Select “Sign in help” on the login screen. (TIP: We recommend you click on the “Remember Me” box the next time you log in, then you won’t have to on future visits.)

b. Update your profile picture by clicking on the arrow to the right of the picture icon and clicking on Profile.


c. Manage your account preferences, under My Account. Set your Privacy Settings, Community Notifications (you can specify an alternate email address here) and Discussion Signature.

d. Use the member directory to search for at least three of your peers and send them a “Contact Request.”

Participating in engagED

You participate in engagED by logging into the platform and posting to the discussion within the community, or by sending an email to the community through your email provider of choice (gmail, Outlook, etc.) The Chapter Presidents community’s new email address is acep_virginiachapter@ConnectedCommunity.org.

1. Replying to an engagED Email: Clicking the Reply icon that you typically click when replying to an email in your email client will send your reply to all members of the community, not only to the sender as you think it would. To reply only to the sender, you must click the link in the blue box named ‘Reply to Sender via Email’ in the body of the email, just below the blue line with the message topic/subject. You can also click ‘Reply to Group’ or ‘Post a New Message’ to start a new thread.

NOTE: Initially, all communities are set to full moderation. This means that any post submitted by a community member will require an administrator’s approval before it is posted to the community. The administrator receives a notification when a post is in their queue to approve. This is a temporary setting until members are comfortable with the community, and especially the “Reply” feature.

Need help getting started? We are here for you! Email acep_virginiachapter@ConnectedCommunity.org.  

Happy engaging!