The goal of EMPAC/VA is to assure the election or re-election of those members of the General Assembly who are supportive of organized medicine in general, and emergency medicine, in particular. The most important guideline for giving is that candidates must have a strong voting record on issues affecting emergency medicine in order to receive a contribution.

Five Reasons To Give To Your EMPAC/VA

Working together, we have more impact than all of us working separately. The money we give is pooled so it has more impact.

  • EMPAC/VA has carefully considered which candidates to support. Emergency medicine is permanent; it was here last year, it’ll be here next year — as will the possibility of its support or opposition.
  • EMPAC/VA is an efficient and effective way to make your voice heard in the state legislature.
  • EMPAC/VA allows you to hold elected officials accountable.
  • EMPAC/VA expands your influence beyond your own political district.
  • The EMPAC/VA Board with the input of it’s professional lobbyist and EMPAC/VA members makes a carefully well-informed decision on whom to support. Many things go on in the legislature that people outside the process don’t know about. EMPAC/VA supports and opposes candidates based on inside knowledge of what really happened to your issues. Other factors to be considered when deciding whether to support an incumbent delegate or senator are:
    • Member of committee which acts upon emergency medicine issues.
    • Member of General Assembly leadership.
    • Legislator’s willingness to listen and consider matters of importance to emergency medicine.
    • Probability of candidate’s re-election.
    • Party affiliation is NOT a factor in determining whether a contribution should be made.

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