Opioid Regulations FAQ/FYI

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Summary of New Virginia Board of Medicine Regulations for Prescribing Medication for Acute Pain

In response to the opioid epidemic in Virginia, the Virginia General Assembly directed the Board of Medicine to create regulations for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.  As emergency physicians who treat acute pain every shift, it is important to be familiar with the new regulations, including how they impact our prescribing patterns and documentation requirements.

Summary of New Virginia Board of Medicine Regulations for prescribing medication for acute pain.docx


Dr. Cameron Olderog, VACEP’s Leadership and Advocacy Fellow is working on a project to improve Virginia’s ED physician treatment of chronic pain patients. EMPainline is new resource for emergency physicians that can be used in the treatment of pain.

Learn more at https://www.empainline.org

MSV Opioid Resource site


My Top Care

My Top Care is dedicated to practicing Physicians, Pharmacists and other Clinical Professionals who care for patients with chronic pain using opioid medications

Hospital Toolkit

Addiction is a progressive disease and the sooner we can intervene, the better the outcomes. The purpose of Addiction Policy Forum’s Hospital Toolkit is to empower patients, families, healthcare providers and policymakers to work collaboratively to identify patients in need of help, initiate evidence-based treatments, and connect patients and families to comprehensive support services.