Leadership & Advocacy Fellows, class of 2017-2018

Welcome to the Virginia College of Emergency Physicians Leadership & Advocacy Fellows, class of 2017-2018!

The L&A Fellowship, led by Dr. Leon Adelman and Dr. Cameron Olderog, is designed for early-career emergency physician leaders. The fellowship provides leadership development through mentorship, advocacy projects, state and national meetings & networking, and Board of Directors participation.

This year’s fellows will provide a diversity of experiences. They represent different geographies and departments. With their impressive qualifications and abilities, each will tackle important issues facing Virginia’s emergency physicians.

The class of 2017-2018 have big shoes to fill. As the VACEP L&A Fellowship’s inaugural class, Joran Sequeira and Cameron Olderog made a strong impact on emergency medicine in the Commonwealth.

Dr. Sequeira was a leading voice in a health industry workgroup to design standardized assessment procedures for admission into state mental facilities. She also worked with state officials to improve care management of emergency department patients.

Dr. Olderog led a project to improve Virginia’s ED physician treatment of chronic pain patients. EMPainline is new resource for emergency physicians that can be used in the treatment of pain. She developed critical information on opioid prescribing featuring an Opioid Toolkit on the chapter’s website and surveyed the varying practices of emergency departments.

This years fellows will provide a diversity of experience and are coming from all across the state to tackle important issues facing emergency physicians in the state of Virginia. The VACEP Board of Directors is excited to work closely with this year’s fellows to continue improving emergency care in the Commonwealth.

Class of 2017-2018



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